Italian design…Gervasoni

It’s not a secret that I love Italy!

I love their history, art, fashion and of course great food. Since I have lived in Milan and travelled throughout the country, Italy did  grab me with it’s charm, history and character. And now it’s love for life…

Did I mention that it’s also colorful, full of life, has amazing churches and museums  and great food? Italians have certainly mastered the art of living.

Today I will focus on italian design. I’ll present you a collection from Paola Navone for Gervasoni.

Paola Navone graduated in architecture from Turin Politecnico. At the beginning of her career, she worked for Alchimia group developing a highly productive  avant-garde stance which gained her, in 1983, the prestigious Osaka International Design Award.

In her career, she has switched easily between the roles of architect,  art director, interior designer,  teacher and organiser of exhibitions.  She has worked for Laminati, Armani Casa,  Piazza Sempione, Mondo, Driade, Orizzonti, Dada,  Natuzzi,  Swarovski and others.

Below you can find selected part of her collection BRICK for Gervasoni  It’s so timeless and classical.

My favorite one is brick table, made of natural and hand carved barked trunk section.

Enjoy the photos!





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