The best stuff in IKEA new catalogue

It’s here! It’s here! IKEA catalogue 2017



It was such a happiness when I have found a new IKEA catalogue hanging on my home doors. And I have received it on Sunday. Oh, what a perfect day! With the glass of Aperol Spritz, I was looking carefully what does every page offer and bookmarking my favourites.

This year’s theme is “Goodbye expectations. Hello you!” The Swedish retailer says: “In this year’s catalogue, we’ve tried our best to create home furnishing solutions that help people to live a life without negative expectations. We want people to care less about other people’s opinions—and more about what they want themselves.”

The catalogue is focused on how to make most of the small spaces and there is a certain mix of classic and modern designs. It is also inspired by green living trends – from sustainable products to planters.

Here are my favourites:

KULLABERG, price: 399 kn


Old school chair, reminds me on the chairs that we used to have in a primary school. This one is upgraded with modern functions and would suit well in modern industrial design space.

LIXHULT, price: from 119 kn – 1.462 kn


I like these cabinets because you can mix and match them depending on the style that you want to achieve in your space. You can put them in kitchen, living room, bedroom and also kids room to make it more vivid.



Plain, simple and at the same time so stylish.

SUNNERSTA, price: 199 kn


Cheap, cute and for sure will add value to you living space.






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